1. Perhaps its more apt to conclude e.g “to build a complete ecosystem for sustainable islamic finance institutions”


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  3. Halo dear! how are you! i hope you are good. I’m from Ethiopia (i’d told you in my previous comment of your post), and we Ethiopians are also INCUBATE our youngest Islamic banking dream, how did you help as in this young and huge project? Thank you dear Amir A.!


    • Salam Anwar,

      Unfortunately I haven’t really been involved in this as a “project”. I am working in the traditional bank and looking at all the development around me, there is very little scope we can do under a traditional licence. While we are asked to do so many things, we are unable to do as we are limited in our operating mandate which is debt-banking. I have been involved in a few “equity” projects but they are not significant enough as a whole. That’s why I believe trying to do all things by a single entity is impossible or defective request. I rather that we stick to our organisational mandate rather than be a single hypermarket of everything.



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