Islamic Finance Development Report 2017 by ICD Thomson Reuters

Information on Islamic Banking and Finance performance has always been an interest of many practitioners, myself included. Yearly we scour the best looking and informative reports on the internet that is full of data on the industry, especially when it covers the global markets as well. Sometimes we find an average one, but nowadays there seemed to be an abundance of available reports. Some have “good” contents, but when I come across “great” one, I am tempted to put it on my site. For future reference, off course!

What I like about this report is that it cover a large ground and the topic discussions are hard to find anywhere else. Kudos for in my own opinion, this is a report well done and can serve as a reference point of many intended initiatives. Hope the readers find this report and its coverage useful.

Happy reading. I would be happy to know that you found something in the report.