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I have been working with Ahmad Faizal for a good 3 years during my time managing the product team in Standard Chartered Saadiq, and always found Faizal as a great sounding board for arguments, points of discussion or general ideas. Highly intelligent person, Faizal always brings something to the table when in comes to Islamic Banking practices.

And he is a great believer in innovation and shift in thinking. He is a good friend and I enjoy the friendship we have, especially when we tend to push each other outside our comfort zone.

He has finally agreed to have some of his writings posted here. Enjoy!

About Ahmad Faizal Rahim

Faizal is currently attached with Standard Chartered Saadiq Berhad (SCSB) in Learning Management team as Senior Manager. He started his career with the bank in 2005 as Manager in Islamic Banking Division of Standard Chartered Malaysia Berhad (SCBMB). He was seconded to Price Solutions, marketing arm of SCSBMB as Sales Manager and established the first dedicated Islamic Banking Sales team under Price Solutions selling only Islamic Banking retail products such as personal and business financing including property financing. In 2008 he was involved in the launching of Islamic Subsidiary, the birth year of SCSB where his role was to ensure people and system readiness pre and post launch of the subsidiary. In 2009, he started Learning Management of SCSB and conducted various training and learning sessions, especially on Islamic Banking products & Shariah contracts and requirements to staff of the bank. In 2012 he was attached to SCSB Product Development Team and he launched several key Saadiq retail and business products such as Diminishing Musyarakah Saadiq MyHomeOne- i, BizProperty Equity-i, Personal and Biz Financing-i & Term Deposit-i under Shariah contract Commodity Murabahah-i and Investment Account (IA) under Mudharabah. Faizal holds a degree in Social Sciences (major in Economics and minor in Management) from Universiti Sains Malaysia. He also holds Certificate in Islamic Law (CIL) from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) besides he is currently pursuing Masters In Finance Practice (MIFP) with INCEIF. Prior joining Standard Chartered, he worked with Citibank Berhad as Asset Sales Manager and also Ban Hin Lee Bank in branch banking. He can be reached at kreatifminds@yahoo.com or mobile at 012-6116059

Writings by Ahmad Faizal Rahim:

  1. Fintech Pitch for Islamic Banking

TijariCircle – Faizal’s vision of how a Bank can be “refreshing”.

This is an experimental video on a fictitious Islamic Bank branded as Tijaricircle sending their video trailer to You Tube and Instagram on their latest home financing product, Home Connecting-i under Diminishing Musharakah contract.  I am in the view that Islamic Banking promotional activities should be trendy, up-to-date using social media, fast-paced and fresh without needed to include non-compliant ‘teasers’. Enjoy the trailer.