Writings : Dr Hanudin Amin

The social media is a wonderful tool. It lets you get in touch with a wide range of personalities that share your same interest and hobbies. It also provides opportunities to see the work other people are doing. In my case, the circle of Facebook friends keeps expanding to include like-minded friends of the Islamic Banking industry.

It is therefore apt that I came across the writings of Dr Hanudin.

Dr Hanudin’s writings are a common feature in the Borneo Post, and covers a wide range of topics which are not really mainstream. It is hard to find features that goes into a little bit more detail and technical. So, where I am able, I plan to start collecting his writing in this site of mine. Good reading and knowledge sharing.

hanuProfile: DR HANUDIN AMIN is an Associate Professor at the Labuan Faculty of International Finance, Universiti Malaysia Sabah – Labuan International Campus. He possesses COFSA certificate, Bachelor of International and Offshore Banking from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Islamic banking and finance from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He earned his Ph.D in 2015 in the area of Islamic home financing from the IIUM Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance (IIiBF), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is the Recipient of Best Student for Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Banking & Finance at the Institute in 2015. He has published more than 70 academic articles using SPSS, AMOS and PLS in prestigious journals such as Management Research Review, International Journal of Bank Marketing and Internet Research, among others.

Articles by Dr Hanudin appearing in the Borneo Post:
  1. Understanding the concepts of Islamic credit cards
  2. Religiosity Index for Islamic Home Financing in Sabah
  3. Understanding CAR in the context of Islamic Banking
  4. Understanding PER and IRR in Islamic Investment Accounts
  5. Growing code of ethics for Islamic Banking to gain public trust
  6. Growing need for Mortgage
  7. Unlocking Corporate Governance Pillars for Islamic Banking
  8. Islamic Banks offer viable debt concepts in Sabah
  9. Unlocking potential of AITAB facility in Labuan
  10. Six Common Mistakes in Islamic Mortgage Selection
  11. Misconceptions about Islamic Home Financing
  12. Islamic Banks perform more competitive functions in Sabah
  13. Understanding Penalty concept of Islamic Home Financing
  14. Islamic Banks offer more competitive Deposit Products in Sabah
  15. Prospects facing Islamic banking in Sabah
  16. Challenges facing Islamic banking industry in Sabah
  17. Payment holiday in Islamic home financing
  18. Growing Cs for Islamic financing facilities
  19. Growing need of TIEB for the banking industry
  20. Understanding zakat accounting for CASAFA