2. Usul Fiqh

imageThe Notes to the module is written in very simplified format, and is meant to be understood by the writer to complement his understanding

  1. Slide Presentation Introduction to Usul al-Fiqh (1)
  2. Slide Presentation Rule of Islamic Law (2)
  3. Slide Presentation Sources of Islamic Law (3)
  4. Slide Presentation Al-Quran (4)
  5. Slide Presentation Sunnah (5)
  6. Slide Presentation Ijma’ (6)
  7. Slide Presentation Qiyas (7)
  8. Slide Presentation Juristic Preference (8)
  9. Slide Presentation Consideration of Public Interest (9)
  10. Slide Presentation Custom (10)
  11. Slide Presentation Blocking the Means (11)
  12. Slide Presentation The Revealed Law Preceding the Shariah (12)
  13. Slide Presentation Legal Opinion of Companion (13)
  14. Slide Presentation Presumption of Continuity (14)
  15. Slide Presentation The Objectives of Islamic Law (15)



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