Certificate in Islamic Law

For many moons, the powers that be have managed to exclude me from this requirement to actually pursue some Shariah Law certification, and I was all happy for it. Time was a premium and work commitments always pushed the boundary between alone time and company time. I even struggled to put anything on this website, stealing drops of time whenever the window allows it.

But alas I can’t avoid it any longer, and many people have expressed surprise that I am yet to be “certified” despite me being in the Islamic Banking industry since 2003. Oh well, I guess the cat is gonna get skinned now, might as well take the positive. So I am using this opportunity to beef up this website with more information; hopefully it can be of use helping me pass the exams, and may others can also find the information useful for their reference.

Or maybe this will finally push me towards academia in the near future. Will I finally find my calling? Professor Amir has a nice ring to it.

Course: Certificate in Islamic Law (CIL)

Duration: 5 months

Number of Modules: 7 modules

What I hope for: To try to attend as many classes as I can. And eventually pass the exams.

  • Module 1 : Islamic Legal System
  • Module 2 : Usul Al Fiqh
  • Module 3 : Islamic Legal Maxim
  • Module 4 : Islamic Law of Transactions
  • Module 5 : Islamic Banking Law
  • Module 6 : Islamic Insurance Law
  • Module 7 : Islamic Law of Succession

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