Writings : Haji Razli Ramli


One of few friends who’s always in the battle to promote, explain and create awareness about Sharia Compliant Banking is Haji Razli. We have known each other for quite long but hardly meet since he has moved away from the Islamic rat race into a more academic function in IBFIM and our schedules would not allow such casual reunions. Many times I see his posting in FB explaining concepts, history and events. And he answers questions asked by his readers directly, in a simple straightforward manner.

Since I can’t possibly keep track on everything that’s happening, I always have that desire to “cut & paste” from his postings. But I am not able to keep up with the amount of responses he give, so I urge you to find your way to his FB page to follow and post questions. He usually responds to them.

From Haji Razli Ramli’s FB pages. Some of it is translated (sorry if I translate lousily but hey, I am a mere human). And as he always signed-off : Allah knows best!



Sample questions usually posted to his FB

Why ‘interest rate’ is still considered as one of the ‘risk’ for Islamic unit trust fund?

The above interest rate risk is a general economic indicator that will have an impact on the management of the fund regardless whether it is a Shariah based fund or otherwise. It does not in any way suggest that this Fund will invest in securities, which are not approved by the Shariah. All the investments carried out for this Fund are always in accordance with the requirement of the Shariah


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