Summaries & Glossaries


  1. Islamic Banking Deposits and Invesment for Consumers
  2. Islamic Banking Financing for Consumers
  3. Other Islamic Banking Contracts for Consumers
  4. Other common Islamic Banking terms (Glossary of terms)

Note : The definition of each Islamic Banking contract or concept is not an official definition but a descriptive definition. Readers are welcome to ratify, comment and add to the description.

Islamic Financing Contracts 2012

Also attached: (3rd party Islamic Banking guides)

  1. Islamic Finance Guide 2010 – Herbert Smith

1 thought on “Summaries & Glossaries

  1. Dear Mr Amir,
    first of all i would like to thank You for this great blog.
    I’m an Italian banking expert providing business consultancies in implementing software packages for islamic banks in malaysia and saudi arabia. I’ve got a 10 years experience with one of the biggest islamic bank in deposit and investment contracts and financing transactions as well. I’m now dealing with some bank in Indonesia and i’ve found a new contract named “Tagihan dan Qardh” and i would like to better understand the meaning and the peculiarity.
    I’m traveling roughly once per months in Kuala Lumpur due to an in progress project and it will be great to have the opportunity to be in touch with You.


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