Islamic Commercial Law Report by ISRA & Thomson Reuters

One of the recent discoveries I had was the i-FIKR pages (Islamic Finance Knowledge Repository) where there is dreamed as a repository of Islamic Banking & Finance materials and other resources. Much like what I maintain this website for, but obviously, i-FIKR is a more organised effort backed by ISRA (International Shariah Research Academy of Islamic Finance). So you know the intelligence, support, knowledge and resources behind it is monumental.

Embedded into the site are various articles and publications, some can be accessed freely while others do attract a small fee to purchase and obtain, reflecting the standard of work done on the various subject matter. There is even a subscription option, and me as starters I will probably sign up as the “free subscription plan” first. But then, the yearly subscription fee (affording me greater access) looks interesting, as a lot of content appears to require proper subscription.

Nonetheless, I will extract some of the interesting public publications for your easy download and usage (not breaching any copyright, I hope, for this public access documents), and hope to build a repository of their publications over the years to come. Hope it gives us benefits of usage for the development and understanding of Islamic finance.

Here are some of the available publications for you to download:

  1. Islamic Commercial Law Report 2017 by ISRA & Thomson Reuters