Writings : Rosana Gulzar

In one of my engagements a couple of years ago, I had the fortune to present my views on the Islamic Banking industry and its challenges in front of an audience in a respectable learning institution. One of the bright participants there had subsequently proceeded to complete her MSc Research and recently gotten in touch with me. Ms Rosana Gulzar Mohd contacted me about her work and I am more than happy to include her writings here for reader’s references


If a cat has nine lives, Rosana has had four. She started as a business journalist in 2003 in Singapore after graduating from Nanyang Technological University. Following stints with several news agencies, she joined what is probably the biggest blood-sucking vampire squid in London’s Canary Wharf, HSBC. Aghast at the endless parade of Prada bags among colleagues, she thought joining an ‘Islamic’ bank would be better for her sanity. So she moved in 2010 to Dubai to join HSBC’s global ‘Islamic’ banking business. The stint at the now defunct bank left her with more questions than answers so she tried doing a Master of Science in ‘Islamic’ finance to again reclaim her sanity. The academic world turned out to be on a league of its own. Comforted by the supposed superior knowledge and payscale, the dichotomy between ‘Islamic’ banking theory and practice was largely glossed over. Bankers, we are told, are just evil people who refuse to listen to our solutions. Rosana did not agree it was that simple. In her quest for a better form of Islamic finance, she came out tops in her batch and to her own surprise, is continuing her study of ‘Islamic’ finance into PhD. The title of her thesis is ‘Has the dichotomy between theory and practice made Islamic banks less stable? A comparison with cooperative banks in Europe during the 2008 crisis’. Absolutely excited by her research, she needs to sign off now. Till the next article.

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