Writings : Dr Rosana Gulzar

In one of my engagements a couple of years ago, I had the fortune to present my views on the Islamic Banking industry and its challenges in front of an audience in a respectable learning institution. One of the bright participants there had subsequently proceeded to complete her MSc Research and recently gotten in touch with me. Ms Rosana Gulzar Mohd contacted me about her work and I am more than happy to include her writings here for reader’s references. She has now completed her Doctorate and wants to make a change to the industry.


Rosana started as a financial journalist after graduating from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University in 2003. She then joined HSBC where, as investment writer, she learnt about consumer banking. In that time also, she finished CFA level 1. In 2010, she moved to Dubai to head the bank’s global Islamic finance corporate communications team. During that time, she studied Arabic and gained a Diploma in Islamic Finance (CIMA). In 2012, when most parts of HSBC Amanah were closed as part of a restructuring, Rosana left the bank and went to Malaysia where after four years, she gained an MSc and PhD in Islamic Finance. She is now teaching at a primary school in Singapore while pursuing her research interests which are the reform of Islamic Banking and the political economy of Islamic Finance countries.

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