Writings : Dr Rosana Gulzar

In one of my engagements a couple of years ago, I had the fortune to present my views on the Islamic Banking industry and its challenges in front of an audience in a respectable learning institution. One of the bright participants there had subsequently proceeded to complete her MSc Research and recently gotten in touch with me. Ms Rosana Gulzar Mohd contacted me about her work and I am more than happy to include her writings here for reader’s references. She has now completed her Doctorate and wants to make a change to the industry.


Rosana was enjoying life as a reporter in Singapore when she accidentally fell into the big, bad world of finance. It took her to Dubai but the glitz and glamour was numbing. To regain her senses, she made her way to KL where for three lovely years, she studied and studied Islamic finance. Only to realise it has been invaded by a few Donald Ducks who are stealing the chickens. So her mission now is to save the kampong by bringing truth to the forefront and fighting for the small guys. Away from the battlefield, Rosana finds happiness in the littlest things: the endless stories her nephews spin about how school is mankind’s worst invention and her mother’s never-ending instructions to cuci pinggan and lipat kain (at least she can still bark orders kan). When Rosana finally breaks away, she relishes the little moments by plotting a strategy to protect her people. Now if you will please pass the sword, she needs to do battle.

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