VideoBlog : Hussain Kureishi


hussain-kureshiI met Hussain Kureshi many months ago during his stint in Malaysia and he is always seen as a passionate individual when it comes to Islamic Banking. Ideas flow from him and we were discussing alternative structures that can be implemented in the Islamic Banking industry and at times, we became dreamers on a better world out there.

Little do I suspect that when it comes to Hussain, dreamers can always go far.

At the end of his tenure in Malaysia, Hussain has managed to published his own book, Contracts and Deals in Islamic Finance (googlebooks), as introduction to the world of Islamic Finance. Got myself a complimentary signed copy from him, and it is now occupying a coveted space on my bookshelf.

But not enough with just having a book out, Hussain further expanded his wings to now share his knowledge on Islamic Finance via self-produced VideoBlogs. To my surprise, the listing of VideoBlogs is quite comprehensive and it is my pleasure to share the links with readers of this blogs as well.

Hope you find these videos helpful in your quest to understand Islamic Finance.

Kudos to Hussain for this informal initiative to provide knowledge to the masses. I would now have to challenge myself to push my own boundaries.

Find Hussain’s personal blog on this link (Click here).

Also, click the following to view Hussain’s VideoBlogs (YouTube):

  1. Introduction to IFS Part1
  2. Introduction Part 2 – What to expect and not to expect from IFS
  3. Introduction Part 3 – History of IF
  4. Islamic Banking Model & Conventional Banking
  5. Setting Up an Islamic Banking
  6. Islamic Banking and Basel
  7. Credit Sale-based Contracts
  8. Islamic Hire Purchase / Lease-based Contracts
  9. Islamic Credit Card
  10. Current Account, Wadiah
  11. Savings Account, Qard
  12. Capital as Deposits and Capital as Investments
  13. Capital as Deposits and Capital as Investments Part 2
  14. Islamic Home Finance
  15. Musharikah
  16. Islamic Corporate Financing
  17. Islamic LCs and LGs
  18. Sale Buy Back and Sale Lease Back
  19. Sukuk Debt or Equity
  20. Sale of Debt



7 thoughts on “VideoBlog : Hussain Kureishi

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  2. It’s great to have videos on such topics. But as you know that youtube is not working in Pakistan and on proxy its slow. Will you please upload these videos on any other video site.

    Noman Memon


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