Video Clips

As much as I enjoy writing, with the importance of mobile technologies and smartphone, clips are now becoming the preferred medium for information. Short, shareable and attractive, these clips have the ability to convey ideas and information within a span of 30-90 seconds. As long as the message is simple, it becomes effective.

So here are my attempts to enter into the realm of digital shareable information. Over a period of time, I will continue to share contents for your sharing pleasure. Do give feedbacks on the errors and effectiveness of the clips.

maxresdefault Also available on YouTube

Enjoy the clips:

  1. Islamic Banking 101
  2. Difference Between Conventional Banking and Islamic Banking
  3. Islamic Finance Common Terms
  4. Differences in Terminologies
  5. Impact of IFSA 2013 on Islamic Banking contracts
  6. Islamic Deposits
  7. Tawarruq (Commodity Murabahah)




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