Thinking Pages

Perhaps I should have started this page much earlier. There has been many interesting discussion appearing in forums / web / blog / paper / sites / emags over the years on Islamic Banking in general. I see them on twitter, FB and even learning institutions website, and some will disappear over time or get lost in the clutter. I want to house as much of this clutter as possible.

What is Bitcoin Mining

Here are some of pages and thoughts on Islamic Banking and Finance that I feel I might want to one day re-read and recall. And some might even be on the generals of life. Hope you like it.

  1. IFSB View of Islamic Crowd Funding
  2. How did usury stop being a sin and become respectable finance
  3. Blockchain – The new technology of trust
  4. How Central Banks intend to fight cryptocurrencies
  5. Developing human capital in Islamic Finance
  6. Onegramcoin Sharia-Compliant cryptocurrency
  7. Blockchain in Islamic Finance
  8. What’s driving the Bitcoin boom? Here’s what you need to know
  9. When Crowdfunding is Sharia Compliant
  10. Could Islamic Finance help solve developmental challenges?
  11. What is Islamic Finance?
  12. Blockchain in Plain English
  13. Bitcoin and Sharia Compliance : How Halal is Bitcoin?
  14. Islamic Finance Explained : Financing for a better world
  15. Solid growth of Investment Accounts expected to normalise
  16. Blockchain in Islamic Finance
  17. Malaysia woos Fintech developers for Sharia compliant Islamic finance
  18. IMF criticises Islamic Banking Legal Framework
  19. The Blockchain & Islamic Finance
  20. Shariah Analysis of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, & Blockchain

How does Bitcoin work

And… while there are not a lot of us out here at the moment writing blogs / websites on Islamic Banking and Finance, and whatever in between, here are some of the ones that I have found or come across on the net.