Development of Usul Fiqh

Period of Development Usul Fiqh



Development of Islamic Law. During the time of the Messenger p.b.u.h.. The revelation covers over a period of 23 years in 2 stages

  • During Meccan period (610-622 CE). Revelation mostly on
    1. Faith i.e. Iman (existence of God, the Oneness, Belief in Hereafter and Prophets)
    2. Akhlaq i.e. Moral Values.
  • During Madinah migration (623 to 633 CE or 1st to 10th Hijrah)
    1. Legal injunctions
    2. Ibadah (prayers, fasting, zakat. hajj)
    3. Criminal Offences
    4. Family Law (property, marriage, divorces, children, orphans, widows)
    5. State Issues (jihad/holy war, captives of War, international relations, sending of delegates, propogation of Islam even including the decorum for sending delegates to other countries)
    6. Internal issues such as hypocrites (munafiq)