Sample Islamic Contracts

DISCLAIMER: This sample contract is provided for example purposes only. It should not be duplicated without consideration of a particular situation. One should always seek the expert legal opinion of, at minimum, a qualified Islamic finance scholar and a registered legal counsel for the relevant jurisdiction. Laws vary by jurisdiction and certain provisions in this sample contract may not be enforceable. This sample contract is for illustrative purposes only and its user indemnifies the sender for any wrongdoing.

I got these following Samples from the Ethica.Com website (my favourite website so far). These are good samples, derived mostly from the Middle-Eastern perspective. The ones posted on their website are:

  1. Syndication_Mudarabah_Agreement
  2. Agreement_For_Interest_Free_Loan
  3. Istisna_Agreement
  4. Lease_Agreement
  5. Salam_Agreement
  6. Musharakah_Investment_Agreement
  7. Musawamah_Facility_Agreement
  8. Murabaha_Facility_Agreement
  9. Mudarabah_Financing_Agreement

Over time, I will add more sample Islamic Agreements



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