My Presentations

Although not regular, occasionally I am invited to share a little bit of what I learned to friends and colleagues. Here I include the collection I am slowly building.

Presentation Slides Library (pdf copies)

  1. Shariah Standards : Mudarabah, Musyarakah & Istisna’ (2017)
  2. Investment Account – Updated (2017)
  3. Processes and Procedures : Conventional to Islamic (2017)
  4. Emergence of Islamic Banking in Malaysia (2017)
  5. Pengenalan Perbankan Islam (2017)
  6. The Shift of Mudharabah Products into Investment Account (18 November 2015)
  7. Careers in Islamic Banking, Products & Tools (21 August 2015)
  8. Base Rate – ASAS Presentation (25 March 2015)
  9. Investment Account (December 2014)
  10. Pool Management, Profit Calculation & Distribution Mechanism (18 November 2014)

Presentation Videos

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