New Ethica Institute Handbook

I have always had admiration for these guys ever since they published their handbook in 2013 for general reading. It has some interesting articles as well as explanation on Islamic Banking contracts, samples of the contracts itself and Meezan Bank’s Guide to Islamic Banking, which I always find useful as a reference. As for their website, I go there for the Shariah fatwas and the Q&As, which discusses latest concerns in Islamic Banking.

So I quickly signed up for the free webinar scheduled for this week and found that I was not able to sign up as there were only 500 places for it available. Sigh, but anyway better luck next time. But at the same time I am given the link to the latest pre-launch handbook, presumably an update of the free handbook they issued in 2013 (click this link to go to that earlier posting)

Hopefully you can benefit and share the ebook with your friends as well. Do visit their website at as there are many interesting stuff there. This includes “Ask an Islamic Finance Question” and “Search Islamic Finance Q&A”.  Check it out!!!


Happy reading and have a blessed year ahead in 2016. Wasalam.