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Today I came across a very useful site which I feel worthwhile to share with readers. The Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance has this section of a Database for Q&As relating to Islamic Banking, with Scholar-approved answers. I make no guarantee of the “Scholar approved” statement, but reading some of the answers to the questions, it is consistent with the practices and experiences that I have in this limited time in Islamic Banking industry.

I attached their link for readers and hope they can be useful to you too.

 (## No I don’t get a commission for this!)

If there should be any other links that readers may find useful for other readers, don’t hesitate to send the link to me and I will add it to the list of useful link on this website.

Shukran and Assalamualaikum all…


1 thought on “Ethica Institute

  1. Thank you for the endorsement Amir. And great work on the blog. Keep it up.

    Our scholar-approval process consists in providing only those answers that have been approved by a scholar. As a general rule at Ethica, we try to follow AAOIFI standards.

    You are welcome to learn more about the importance of following scholar-standardization in Islamic finance here: (

    From the website: All certifications, examinations, training videos, and quizzes at Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance™ are based on AAOIFI’s latest Shariah Standards. AAOIFI, pronounced “a-yo-fee,” is the world’s leading standard-setting body for Islamic finance and these standards are the same ones chosen by many of the major financial centres of the world. We are independent of AAOIFI and promote their Shariah Standards because we believe that doing so promotes common global standards, greater Shariah convergence and cooperation among scholars, and increased clarity among financial institutions who wish to better manage their product development and Shariah teams. To learn more about AAOIFI, please go to


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